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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter On Tap


A planned Yellowstone bison slaughter is on tap, as between 300 and 600 bison who leave Park boundaries are set to be shipped to slaughterhouses.

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No, a Yellowstone Volcano Eruption is Not Imminent

Yellowstone National Park South Entrance, Yellowstone visitation

Some faulty readings from a seismometer tracking activity in the Yellowstone National Park area has some folks predicting an impending Yellowstone volcano eruption, but U.S. Geological Survey officials say the data is bad.

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Yellowstone Winter Camping: Off the Beaten Path

Firehole Falls in Winter

Yellowstone winter camping isn’t for everyone, but for the adventurous a trip off the beaten winter path is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Giantess Geyser Erupts for First Time in Years

Giantess Geyser

Some news for the geyser gazers scoring from home: Giantess Geyser has erupted for the first time in more than two years, according to Yellowstone National Park officials.

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Expanded Yellowstone Paddling Under Consideration in Congress

Yellowstone River in Hayden Valley

A bill that could expand Yellowstone paddling on certain lakes and rivers is under consideration in Congress, where it’s already been passed by one House committee.

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More Travel News, More Yellowstone Accessibility

Yellowstone National Park South Entrance, Yellowstone visitation

Expanding Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport certainly has paid off, as there’s another direct flight to report: Delta is adding seasonal nonstops between Bozeman and New York-LaGuardia Airport, beginning in June.

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Missing Couple Found on Beartooth Highway

Beartooth Highway

They’re lucky they’re not dead: a couple leaving Yellowstone National Park ignored or missed road-closed signs and ended up stuck in the snow on the Beartooth Highway before a rancher found them.

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Yellowstone National Park Closes for Season

Old Faithful, Nov. 4

A fairly uneventful summer ended with lots of drama and snow, as most gates to Yellowstone National Park were closed for the 2013 summer season today at 8 a.m.

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Yellowstone National Park Reopens After Government Shutdown Ends

Yellowstone Shutdown

Yellowstone National Park reopens today after the U.S. government shutdown ended last night, with most of the roads accessible for the final weeks of the fall season.

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Researchers: Yellowstone Eruption Not Due in Next 2 Million Years

Yellowstone National Park

It could be upwards of two million years before the next eruption of the Yellowstone hotspot, as researchers extrapolate potential events based on the past history of the Yellowstone volcanic activity.

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