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Examining The “Landscape of Fear” in Yellowstone

We’re not exactly to the point where the wolves are dwelling with the lambs, but new research indicates that the impact of wolves on elk may be overstated, and the so-called “landscape of fear” may not actually exist.

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Another Elk Incident at Yellowstone’s Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

For the second time in three days, an incident between a cow elk protecting her young at Mammoth Hot Springs and a Yellowstone visitor landed someone in the hospital.

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Montana Officials Track Yellowstone Area Elk for Brucellosis


This spring, Montana undertook a series of elk captures to better understand how brucellosis moves through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

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Over 1,100 Yellowstone Bison Killed This Year

Over 1,100 Yellowstone bison have been hunted and slaughtered this winter, far above the goal set for this year’s Interagency Bison Management Plan.

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Pair of Protesters Arrested After Chaining Selves to Stephens Creek Chute

A pair of bison advocates have been arrested after chaining themselves to a chute in Stephens Creek.

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Bozeman Law Firm Sues to Block Yellowstone Bison Hazing

A Bozeman, Montana-based law firm has sued to prevent the capture/hazing of bison north of Yellowstone National Park.

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Yellowstone Elk Herd Continues to Grow

Yellowstone elk herd

The Yellowstone National Park elk herd in the Northern Range has grown since last year, according to park and Montana biologists.

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Conservation Groups Call for Livestock Producers to Manage Brucellosis

Several conservation groups have called on livestock producers to be more proactive in fighting brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area.

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Yellowstone Closer to Having Bison Quarantine Area

Yellowstone National Park is closer to having a certified bison quarantine area in the existing Stephen Creek Bison Capture Facility.

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Old Yellowstone: Inside Yellowstone National Park’s Executive House

The front yard was covered in lounging elk when I pulled up in front of the Executive House at Mammoth Hot Springs a few weeks ago to interview the historic home’s new resident.

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