Lake Lodge & Cabins

lake lodge sign 2013

Lake Lodge & Cabins is located on the shore of Yellowstone Lake, featuring a main lodge and cabins with varying levels of amenities.

  • Western Cabins: These units are in groups of four or six.  Each cabin features two queen beds and a private bath.
  • Frontier Cabins: Units built in the 1920s, but recently renovated.  These cabins include one or two double beds and a a private bath.
  • Pioneer Cabins: The most rustic units built in the 1920s, scheduled for a 2020 renovation. 

The site began as a location of one of William Wallace Wylie’s “permanent camps.”  In the early days of the Park, the “Wylie Way” was a popular way to visit, especially for tourists who could not afford larger hotels, with tents built on wooden platforms.

In 1920, Bozeman architect Fred Willson designed the present-day Lake Lodge. The eastern half was built that year while the rest of the building was completed in 1926. And in 1929, the Park decided to rebuild the tent cabins into regular cabins. And today, with the exception of the main lodge building, much of the cabins have been removed and replaced—but the “Lake Lodge Way” of life has hardly changed.

lake lodge lobby david ristivo 2012

A large part of Lake Lodge’s appeal resides in creature comforts: hot meals in the dining room, long rests in the lobby or outside on the porch. Visitors can also walk to Yellowstone Lake from the Lodge. It may lack the consolidated charm of nearby Lake Hotel, but Lake Lodge exemplifies the other side of the Yellowstone experience.