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Dining in Yellowstone National Park: Your Options

Hamilton Store

Hamilton Store at Old Faithful Inn

When you visit Yellowstone National Park, you will need to eat. It is an unavoidable fact. Therefore, for your convenience, here is a list of eateries in Yellowstone, organized by level of formality and food type. Updated for 2010.

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Yellowstone Gems: West Thumb

West Thumb

One of the joys of wandering through Yellowstone National Park is stumbling across one of its many unique gems. True, pools, basins, mud volcanoes, and geysers are everywhere in the park. They are what helped make Yellowstone America’s first National Park. In the next few weeks we’ll be taking inside looks at gems found not that far off the beaten path. Today we’ll look at one basin that is often overlooked when stacked against all the bigger, seemingly more active basins: West Thumb Basin.

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Four Yellowstone bison killed after wandering outside protected area


Three Yellowstone National Park bison were killed by Montana Department of Livestock officials after wandering outside the confines of the Park and an area designated for bison grazing, while a fourth was killed near the South Fork of the Madison River.

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Another lawsuit filed challenging wolf delisting


Another legal salvo has been fired in the controversial wolf-management plan proposed earlier this year, as the Greater Yellowstone Coalition filed its own lawsuit opposing the removal of the wolf from the Endangered Species list.

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Visitor numbers up 20 percent in May: NPS

Yellowstone National Park

For those worried about a slow season ahead in Yellowstone National Park, the May numbers should alleviate some concerns, as the National Park Service announces visitor numbers for May 2009 were up sharply over a year ago.

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Destination Yellowstone

If you told your friends or family that you were going to spend some of your vacation in an active volcano, they might think you were crazy. Yet every year more than three million people do exactly that. Yellowstone National Park is a volcano. Almost everything that is special in Yellowstone is the result of being one of the world’s largest active volcanoes, in fact, a super-volcano. Fortunately, Yellowstone’s current volcanic activity is limited to hot water and earthquakes -- no eruptions, flowing magma, or cataclysmic explosions. Yellowstone did the cataclysmic explosion thing about 640,000 years ago and is resting for a possible encore in some more tens of thousands of years. Yellowstone the volcano is not going to erupt anytime soon.

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2012-2013 Yellowstone National Park Opening and Closing Dates

Here are the 2012-2013 closing dates you’ll need to plan your next visit to Yellowstone National Park. These dates are current as of October 21, 2012. Bridge Bay Campground: Closed; opens late May. Dock Rental: Closed; opens late May. Scenic Cruises: Closed; opens early June. Guide Boats (outboards): Closed; opens early June. Marina Store: Closed; opens late May. Canyon Village …

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