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Yellowstone Fee Hikes on Tap for 2015

Mammoth Hot Springs at sunrise

Visitors to America’s oldest national park will see Yellowstone fee hikes starting on June 1, as an increase in entrance charges will fund important resource protection and visitor facility projects within the park, according to the National Park Service.

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USGS: Yellowstone Volcano Misconceptions

Biscuit Basin eruption

Every few days we receive an email or tweet from someone warning us to prepare for the coming apocalypse, as they’re repeating one of the many Yellowstone volcano misconceptions floating around teh intraweb.

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Early Season Bear Encounter Caught on Video

Yellowstone National Park bears

The Yellowstone National Park bears came out early this year, and so did the tourists. One mama bear, however, didn’t like all the attention.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Yellowstone National Park bears

A Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!

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Yellowstone South Entrance Opens May 8

Morning Glory Pool

The Yellowstone South Entrance opens May 8, as visitors will be able to travel through to Grant Village, West Thumb Junction and on to Fishing Bridge.

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Gardiner Gateway, Trout Restoration Receive Funding

Gardiner Gateway project

Two big Yellowstone National Park projects received significant funding from the National Park Service Centennial Challenge: the Gardiner Gateway Project and native cutthroat trout restoration, totaling $1 million.

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East Entrance Opens Today

Sylvan Pass, 2013

Another sign of a Yellowstone spring: the East Entrance opens this morning, allowing access to Lake and Canyon via the Sylvan Pass, with services in Mammoth and Old Faithful opening as well.

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Yellowstone Economic Impact: $543.7M

Crested Pool

We spend a lot of time discussing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem here, but today’s news covers the financial ecosystem, as a new federal government study pegs the Yellowstone economic impact at $543.7 million annually.

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Boiling River Temperature Rises

Gardner River

With a name like Boiling River, you’d expect the water to be hot. But in the past few months, it’s gotten hotter.

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Yellowstone Winter Season Coming to End

West Thumb in winter, 2015

We’re nearing the end of the 2014-2015 Yellowstone winter season, with hotels, roads and services to begin shutting down this Sunday.

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