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Yellowstone Air Quality Alert in place

Yellowstone National Park

A Yellowstone Air Quality Alert is in place, as the National Park and much of the surrounding area is facing air-quality issues to due to smoke from Pacific Northwest wildfires.

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Fire Activity Stalled In Yellowstone National Park

2016 fire season

In spite of warmer weather and higher winds, fire activity in Yellowstone National Park is largely stagnant.

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Little Fire Growth In Yellowstone National Park Yesterday

Cool and wet weather continues to limit fire growth in Yellowstone, although crews expect activity to increase within Maple Fire’s perimeter.

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Rain Checks Fire Growth As Heavy Fuels Smolder In Maple Fire

Wet conditions will continue to limit fire behavior in Yellowstone National Park today, although heavy fuels will continue to smolder.

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Snow Curbs Fire Growth in Yellowstone National Park

Rain and snow across Yellowstone cut down on fire activity. Similar conditions will moderate fire growth today.

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Maple Fire Grows 400 Acres, Burnout Operations Continue Along Madison River

Fire activity continues to ramp up as breezy, warm conditions continue in the Greater Yellowstone Area.

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No Growth In Maple Fire As Crews Continue Burnout Operations

With warm, breezy weather in Yellowstone, residents and visitors should expect smoke plumes from the Maple, Buffalo, and Central Fires.

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No New Fire Growth In Yellowstone September 7, 2016

Fire activity continues to decline in Yellowstone National Park, with none of the five active blazes showing growth from yesterday.

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“Critical Fire Weather” Expected For Rest of Week In Yellowstone

Yellowstone officials say fire activity will be heightened for the rest of the week, due to “critical fire weather.”

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