Old Faithful tourist abuse

An Unlawful Close-Up Look at Old Faithful

Yes, we could run stories daily about tourists abusing their privileges in Yellowstone National Park. Today’s video: a tourist decides to take a close-up look at Old Faithful.

Thank goodness we have video cameras on smartphones these days, as Devin Bartolotta captures these images of a visitors walking right up to Old Faithful to take a close-up look at the iconic geyser:

From NBC Montana:

“A few people around were kinda like ‘What is he doing?'” Devin Bartolotta said.

Bartolotta shot the video.

“He got probably within 20 to 30 feet of the actual geyser and he stopped, pulled out his cell phone and took a picture,” she said. “That’s when everyone realized that he was not a ranger. The whole crowd started booing. He was well within the danger zone of this being a potential life threatening situation because it could gone off at anytime. If that had started to gurgle and spit a little bit before he walked up there. So it really could have been a really bad situation if he had been a second or two in the wrong time.”

He was detained by visitors before park rangers came to the scene, and in the process flipped off the booing masses. No word on whether he will be charged.

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