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Kevin Reichard

Spring Beartooth Highway plowing begins

spring Beartooth Highway clearing

We’re about a month out from Memorial Day, so the time is right for the Montana Department of Transportation to begin spring Beartooth Highway plowing before the Memorial Day weekend.

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Yellowstone biking season opens April 7

spring biking in Yellowstone

Another sign of spring: ski

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Yellowstone 2023 State of the Park report released

Yellowstone winter season

It’s a road map to where those running Yellowstone National Park set priorities for this year and beyond, so it’s worth reading, as the Yellowstone 2023 State of the Park report was released today.

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Park County shuts down Yellowstone River recreation

Gardiner flooding

Yellowstone River recreation has been shut down by Park County due to public safety risks caused by extremely high water levels, endangered and failing infrastructure, flooded and impassible access roads, and limited availability of search and rescue resources.

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Yellowstone flooding shuts down park

Yellowstone flooding

With torrential rains causing substantial flooding, rockslides and mudslides, Yellowstone National Park is closed to the public, with inbound traffic to the park is temporarily halted and the northern part of the park has been evacuated.

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2021-2022 Yellowstone winter season winding down

Yellowstone winter season

It’s not been an especially hard winter by local standards, but we always look forward to signs of spring–and a big one is when we have the Yellowstone winter season closures for oversnow travel by snowmobile and snowcoach at hand.

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Yellowstone telecom improvements on tap

This has been a contentious issue for years, and now it becomes a reality in 2023, as Yellowstone telecom improvements in the form of fiber optic cable are on tap for installation next summer.

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Local business push for lowered wolf hunting, trapping in Yellowstone region

Arguing that the presence of wolves in the Yellowstone region is a economic asset, a local group of businesses is asking Montana to scale back trapping and hunting of wolves in the area.

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Judge orders FWS to reexamine Yellowstone bison protections

Yellowstone bison, winter 2020, NPS

U.S. District Court Judge Randolph D. Moss ordered the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to revisit Yellowstone bison protections under the Endangered Species Act, ruling that FWS improperly rejected evidence submitted by bison protection advocates.

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Final chapter in Petito saga ends on sad note

Gabby Petito

The sad Gabby Petito saga that begins with her and Brian Laundrie crossing the country and ends with her strangulated to death near Grand Teton National Park is finally over, with the FBI finding near his remains a notebook with a confession he killed her.

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