Kevin Reichard

Why the surprisingly robust 2020 Yellowstone visitation? Thank COVID-19

Midway Geyser Basin, July 2020

In what’s been a most unusual season, 2020 Yellowstone visitation is as robust as ever, even though Yellowstone National Park is operating at less than full capacity, with plenty of services and lodgings shut down. So why are the crowds so robust? Blame the COVID.

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Giantess Geyser awakens after six-plus years

Giantess Geyser

Taking another break from a long slumber: we saw a Giantess Geyser eruption for the first time since January 2014, a spectacular site broadcast worldwide via Yellowstone webcam.

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100% success: No positives among pending Yellowstone COVID-19 testing

North Entrance 2020

There were 43,019 reported cases of COVID-19 in the United States today, but none of them came from Yellowstone National Park, as NPS officials reported that all pending Yellowstone COVID-19 testing came back negative.

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No new Yellowstone COVID-19 cases as of mid-July

North Entrance 2020

Despite a surprising number of visitors to the park in July, another round of testing yielded no new Yellowstone COVID-19 cases as of mid-July.

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Yellowstone fire danger now rated very high

Midway Geyser Basin crowds, NPS

With the summer season upon us and anecdotal evidence of crowds returning, it’s important to note that the Yellowstone fire danger is now currently rated as very high by the National Park Service.

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First Yellowstone COVID-19 positive tests reported

Yellowstone social distancing

We have the first Yellowstone COVID-19 positive tests in the books, as two concessions employees and three separate visitors reported symptoms and subsequently tested positive.

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More 2020 Yellowstone lodging set to open in July

Washburn Lodge, Canyon

If you plan on a July-October visit, you’ll have more options when it comes to 2020 Yellowstone lodging, as concessionaire Xanterra plans on opening Lake, Canyon and Old Faithful Snow Lodge rooms for the rest of the season.

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Still no positive COVID-19 Yellowstone tests for employees

COVID-19 distancing at Snow Lodge gift show

Another round of testing, another round of good news: After 190 tests of NPS and concessionaire employees, there were no positive COVID-19 Yellowstone tests recorded, keeping the park’s winning streak alive.

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Xanterra announces new Yellowstone operating schedule for 2020

Yellowstone red dog

With the news that the three Montana gates into Yellowstone are opening June 1, Xanterra has announced a revised Yellowstone operating schedule, moving up openings from a previously announced June 15 schedule.

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Comments reopened for proposed Yellowstone WiFi installation

With new drawings of a proposed Yellowstone WiFi installation that would improve coverage around lodges and worker housing, the National Park Service is reopening comments on the plan from Access Parks.

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