Yellowstone Traffic Jam

Don’t Mess With A Yellowstone Bison Stampede

Yellowstone National Park can be a dangerous place, and a video showing an out-of-control Yellowstone bison stampede highlights that danger.

In this case, a family visiting Yellowstone National Park encountered a bison herd on the move, spooked by a car noise and probably feeling a little hemmed in because of the road next to a hill. So the herd was agitated. At about a minute in, a large bison takes aim at a rental car, which isn’t up to the task.

We do criticize out-of-control tourists, but here the Park visitors did nothing wrong: they went back into their cars as the bison approached, no one decided to pet a bison, and no one walked to the edge of a geyser. Even under those circumstances, however, there was some danger in the air thanks to the Yellowstone bison stampede.

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