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Fire Activity Stalled In Yellowstone National Park

2016 fire season

In spite of warmer weather and higher winds, fire activity in Yellowstone National Park is largely stagnant.

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Little Fire Growth In Yellowstone National Park Yesterday

Cool and wet weather continues to limit fire growth in Yellowstone, although crews expect activity to increase within Maple Fire’s perimeter.

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Snow Curbs Fire Growth in Yellowstone National Park

Rain and snow across Yellowstone cut down on fire activity. Similar conditions will moderate fire growth today.

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No Growth In Maple Fire As Crews Continue Burnout Operations

With warm, breezy weather in Yellowstone, residents and visitors should expect smoke plumes from the Maple, Buffalo, and Central Fires.

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Scant Fire Activity In Yellowstone Ahead of Weekend

Fire activity will be minimal in Yellowstone National Park today, after a few days of cool down, but is expected to ramp up over the weekend.

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Warm Weather Expected To Restart Yellowstone Fire Growth This Weekend

Fire activity in Yellowstone was next to nil yesterday, but the forecast calls for more favorable fire weather this weekend.

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No New Fire Growth In Yellowstone September 7, 2016

Fire activity continues to decline in Yellowstone National Park, with none of the five active blazes showing growth from yesterday.

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Tracking the Wild Ermine in Yellowstone National Park

Ermine in Yellowstone

Here's something you don't see every day: an ermine streaking through the snow at Lake Butte, captured by the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory webcam set up to provide a live view toward Steamboat Point, Mary Bay and the north shore of Yellowstone Lake.

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Yellowstone Area Webcams: Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

This portable and temporary webcam, installed by the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, is currently installed at Lake Butte toward Steamboat Point, Mary Bay and the north shore of Yellowstone Lake. It updates hourly, is powered by solar energy, and will be moved to various places of interest relevant to geologic hazards at Yellowstone National Park. It shuts down nightly to conserve energy.

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Yellowstone Area Webcams: Old Faithful Parking Lot

Old Faithful Parking Lot

Old Faithful Area Parking Lot

A unique view, to be sure, but one that can help you plan out your day. This webcam focuses on the Old Faithful Parking Lot. You'll get an idea of traffic in the area from this webcam.

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