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New Details Emerge Regarding Bison Plan This Winter

bison deep in snow yellowstone

New details have emerged regarding the hunting, slaughter, and/or removal of bison under the Interagency Bison Management Plan this year.

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Bison Will Be Allowed To Roam Between Yellowstone and Montana


Breaking news, folks: Montana Governor Steve Bullock will allow bison to roam between Yellowstone National Park and Montana year-round.

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More Yellowstone Elk Migrating North In Winter


More and more elk are migrating out of Yellowstone National Park in the winter, according to one Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks official.

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Proposal For Elk Hunt Permits Outside Yellowstone Draws Outfitters’ Ire


Some Montana outfitters and hunters are up in arms over a proposal for the number of permits issued in a hunting district outside Yellowstone National Park.

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Expected Quota For Bison Management Thrown Out After IBMP Meeting


Yellowstone officials have backed down from their expected quota for bison management this year—scrapping the proposed number entirely in fact.

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Plan to Restore Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout to Soda Butte Creek Approved


A plan to restore Yellowstone cutthroat trout into Soda Butte Creek has been approved for implementation.

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Arctic Grayling, Westslope Cutthroat Trout Restoration Underway In Grayling Creek

Arctic grayling

Grayling Creek will soon be living up to its namesake once with the reintroduction of Arctic grayling.

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Yellowstone Bison Population Could Be Culled by 900 This Winter

Yellowstone National Park bison

The Yellowstone National Park bison population could be culled by a fifth this winter, resulting in upwards of 900 head taken down if they wander outside Park boundaries.

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Group Of Yellowstone Bison Could Be Traded To Outside Entities


A group of Yellowstone bison may find new homes around the United States soon.

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Wolf Hunting Plan Approved; Yellowstone Wolves to Be Impacted


Montana FWP commissioners yesterday passed a plan to expand wolf hunting and made some modest concessions on protecting Yellowstone wolves.

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