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Yellowstone Visitors Contribute $680.4M to Local Economy in 2016

roosevelt arch

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park contributed $680.4 million to the local economy in 2016, according to the NPS’ annual peer-reviewed report.

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Attorney Thomas Fleener Withdraws From High On Life Case

Thomas Fleener of Fleener Law has filed a motion to withdraw from the case involving four men accused of walking on Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

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New Charges Against Three of the High On Life Defendants

Three of the High On Life men have been charged with another crime in relation to their May romp on Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

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Old Yellowstone: Thomas Wolfe Visits Yellowstone National Park

June 27, 1938: novelist Thomas Wolfe stood with arms akimbo watching Old Faithful erupt. Three months later, he was dead.

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High On Life Boys Seen Walking On Grand Prismatic Hire Laramie Lawyer

The High On Life SundayFundayz boys seen walking on Grand Prismatic Spring earlier this year are back in the news—this time with an attorney.

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National Park Service Mulling Visitor Caps, Other Measures In Light Of Record Visitation

With the summer season in full swing, the National Park Service is mulling visitor caps for future seasons.

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Sanborn Maps Yellowstone National Park Roadways

The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. collected this high-resolution mobile light detection and ranging (LiDAR) image of a corridor in Glacier National Park. Sanborn collected more than 40 miles of LiDAR imagery in Glacier and Yellowstone national parks for the analysis, planning and engineering of critically needed road resurfacing. (PRNewsFoto/The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.)

Yellowstone National Park just got a nifty way to assess what roads need resurfacing in the Park, courtesy of the Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

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Yellowstone Proposes Culling 1000 Bison

Yellowstone National Park officials have proposed culling around 1,000 bison this winter—mostly calves and females—to curb migration into Montana.

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Marijuana Possession Cases Up In 2014

Yellowstone National Park

2014 saw an increase in prosecution for marijuana possession in Yellowstone National Park.

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Yellowstone-Area Wolf Was Poisoned: FWS

Yellowstone Wolf

Yellowstone WolfA female gray wolf from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem's Mill Creek Pack was poisoned in 2009 with a banned substance, Compound 1080, when she wandered into Colorado back in 2009, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating.

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