High On Life Boys Seen Walking On Grand Prismatic Hire Laramie Lawyer

The High On Life SundayFundayz boys seen walking on Grand Prismatic Spring earlier this year are back in the newsthis time with an attorney.

According to K2 Radio, the men (Charles Ryker Gamble, Alexey Andriyovych Lyakh, Justis Cooper Price-Brown, and Hamish McNab Campbell Cross) have hired Thomas Fleener of Laramie, Wyoming-based Fleener Law to represent them.

We previously reported the four men had been seen stepping off the boardwalk in Midway Geyser Basin, taking video and photos along the way. It turned out the men all worked for a clothing/lifestyle company (High On Life) based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We also reported that federal warrants had been issued for each of the men for creating “a hazardous or physically offensive condition.” They were also cited for filming without a commercial permit.

The men’s escapades in Yellowstone National Park were the latest in a series well-documented through High On Life’s social media, especially Facebook. The men were also implicated in an event involving a ranger in Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park.

High On Life’s Facebook page hasn’t been updated since May 17, when the group posted an apology “to [their] community” for their actions at Midway Geyser Basin.

It is believed they returned to Canada to evade charges. The Wyoming U.S. Attorney’s Office told the press the U.S. would not likely try and extradite the men, since they were charged with misdemeanors.

According to K2 Radio, Mr. Fleener did not return calls asking him to comment on the incident—whether the men did indeed flee to Canada, whether they were returning to face charges, or whether they were entering a plea deal or attempting to refute the charges. Their case, should they undertake it, would be held at the Yellowstone Justice Center in Mammoth Hot Springs.

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