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More Yellowstone Wildlife Incidents, This Time Involving Black Bears

black bear NPS

After several more Yellowstone wildlife incidents involving black bears, National Park Service officials are asking visitors to exercise more caution when handling food at campsites.

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Female Grizzly With Cub Identified in Recent Yellowstone Bear Attack


Rangers have determined a female grizzly with at least one cub or yearling was responsible for yesterday’s Yellowstone bear attack, but no further action will be taken.

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Bear Spray Saves the Day in Yellowstone Bear Attack

Black Bear

This is why you carry bear spray when hiking: A Yellowstone bear attack could have been much worse had a family not purchased and used bear spray to mitigate injuries to a 10-year-old boy.

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Yellowstone Bear Trapping Begins Next Week

Yellowstone grizzly

If you’re planning any backcountry hikes this fall, you may want to be aware of this: scientific Yellowstone bear trapping by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team (IGBST) and National Park Service runs from Aug. 21 through Oct. 31.

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Bear Signs and Pronghorn Fawns in Yellowstone National Park


Sundays are the perfect day for messing around in the park. Yellowstone National Park, that is.

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Seasonal Bear Management Restrictions Going Into Effect March 10


Several restrictions in some bear management areas around Yellowstone National Park will go into effect Friday, March 10.

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Yellowstone Black Bear Put Down

Black Bear

A Yellowstone black bear acclimated to human food was put down at Canyon Campground on Saturday night.

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Study: Drought, Not Wolves, Impact Yellowstone Elk Reproductive Rates


With the Yellowstone elk population declining in recent years, a study from Wyoming-based researchers indicates that drought, and not the presence of wolves, is to blame for declining reproductive rates.

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Yellowstone Hiker Killed By Bear

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowtone National ParkThe 59-year-old hiker founded dead on a trail in Yellowstone National Park on Friday was killed by a bear, according to the National Park Service.

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No Search for Yellowstone Killer Grizzly: NPS

Yellowstone Grizzly

Grizzly Bear Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park officials will not search for a grizzly sow who killed a 57-year-old Park visitor yesterday because she did it in the natural course of protecting her cubs, according to Park officials.

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