Seasonal Bear Management Restrictions Going Into Effect March 10

Several restrictions in some bear management areas around Yellowstone National Park will go into effect Friday, March 10.

Such restrictions go into place annually as spring approaches—and as bears start emerging from hibernation in search of food.

Restrictions include limits on hiking off-trail and “curfew,” as well as minimum group sizes for some regions.

Below is a list of bear management areas around Yellowstone. The full list, including documentation, is available online:

1. Firehole.
2. Mary Mountain Trail.
3. Richard’s Pond.
4. Gneiss Creek.
5. Gallatin.
6. Blacktail.
7. Washburn.
8. Antelope.
9. Mirror Plateau.
10. Pelican Valley.
11. Clear Creek.
12. J2 (Backcountry on eastern shores of Yellowstone Lake).
13. Lake Spawn.
14. Two Ocean.
15. Riddle/Solution.
16. Grant Village.
17. Heart Lake.

So far, no bears have been sighted in Yellowstone National Park. Last year, the first Yellowstone bear of the season was sighted in late February.

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