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Hayden Fire Emerges in Yellowstone National Park

Hayden Fire 2018With the Yellowstone National Park fire danger level upgraded last week to moderate, we’re now seeing the first fire activity of 2018, with the lightning-ignited Hayden Fire visible from the Grand Loop Road between Canyon Village and Mud Volcano.

We’re not talking major fire activity here: currently, the wildland fire is limited to a tenth of an acre and isn’t guaranteed to be visible from the the Grand Loop Road between Canyon Village and Mud Volcano. It was spotted from the fire lookout on Mount Washburn this morning, and park officials will monitor its status.

Currently the Hayden Fire does not pose a threat to park visitors and has not impacted any daily operations. It’s the first fire in the park this season. Last year, eight fires burned less than 1 acre in total. But with the Yellowstone National Park fire danger level raised to moderate, we’re definitely entering fire season — and the fire danger may elevate further with continued warm and dry weather.

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