Wolfwatchers Concerned After Horses Get Loose In Yellowstone National Park

Wolfwatchers in Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Valley are incensed after a number of horses escaped from a commercial outfitter.

According to ABC Fox Montana, around 20 horses got loose and started roaming the Lamar Valley. In the video below, you can see photos of personnel on horseback, wrangling horses, submitted by a watcher.

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The horses ran through an area well-known to wolf watchers—territory belonging to the Junction Butte pack. And currently, the Junction Butte pack has eight wolf pups in a den.

Some wolf-watchers, like Susan Rhem-Westhoff, are concerned that the wolves will move their den, citing caution toward humans, adding that the wolf’s territory “has been violated by human beings.” From ABC Fox:

However, park officials say the area is not just for wolf watchers.

“We just ask people to be situationally aware and aware of the fact that there are other people in the park that are doing other things and we hope that everyone can cooperate and make it a safe experience for everyone,” said Charissa Reid, Spokesperson for Yellowstone National Park.

No citation will be issued because park officials say this incident was an accident.

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