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Yellowstone Visitation Hits Almost Two Million So Far

Yellowstone visitation has peaked at nearly two million so far for the season.

858,857 visitors came to Yellowstone National Park in July, which boosted Yellowstone’s visitation number up to 1,943,683. This is an almost six percent increase from last July, when 812,212 visitors entered the Park. The complete Yellowstone visitation numbers are below:

Month RecreationalVisits2014 RecreationalVisits2013  Change
January 26,778 24,699 +   8.42 %
February 28,233 31,053 –    9.08 %
March 18,778 18,613 +   0.89 %
April 31,356 24,606 + 27.43 %
May 310,039 293,250 +   5.73 %
June 669,642 624,429 +   7.24 %
July 858,857 812,212 +   5.74 %
Total Year-To-Date 1,943,683 1,828,862 +   6.28 %

All five park entrances have seen greater numbers of visitors, especially the West Entrance. Bus passengers continue to constitute the largest percentage of Yellowstone visitation factors. There numbers were up at various entrances, including the South (43 percent), West (23 percent) and East entrance (19 percent).

These numbers were complied with two different metrics. The first counted vehicles entering Yellowstone National Park and subjected that sum to a person-per-vehicle multiplier. The second was a simple head count, done for tour buses.

July is, historically, peak visitation time in Yellowstone, followed by August, June, September and May.

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