Canyon Village Receiving Prefabricated Lodge Units

The Canyon Village redevelopment project is starting to take shape, with the arrival of prefabricated lodge units.

These stone and wood units will constitute five new lodges in Canyon Village. Three lodges are slated to open in 2015 while the last two will open in 2016. These will replace over 300 cabins and are being built on existing sites. Xanterra is overseeing the project, estimated at $70 million.

Built by Guerdon Enterprises, a Boise, Idaho company, the new lodges will offer a controlled environment for year round work, with an emphasis on waste minimization and efficiency. The prefabricated units are arriving piecemeal from now until late September, shipping out Mondays through Saturdays, from the Guerdon facility. At West Yellowstone, they are staged and brought in after midnight, to minimize traffic inconveniences for guests. Currently, while the prefabricated units travel from Boise, construction crews are preparing the sites, which can be viewed on webcam here.

The lodges represent the first development of Canyon Village since the 1950s, when most of the cabins were built in anticipation of the National Park Service’s Semi-centennial. There is no estimate, at this moment, of how many rooms the new lodges will comprise, but it is expected to meet or exceed Canyon’s current capacity.

The Canyon Village redevelopment project will also include the creation of walking/biking paths from the Village to North Rim Drive. Canyon Village’s dining facilities will also be updated to offer more local, sustainable meals.

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