Yellowstone National Park

Hallac New Chief of Yellowstone Center for Resources

He begins on July 24.

The YCR division was created in March 1993 as a centralized team to gather, manage and analyze data that helps the park better manage its natural and cultural resources. Its scientists and researchers help mitigate the environmental and historic impacts of proposals and work to preserve and curate rare, sensitive and valuable resources. The ultimate goal of YCR is to collect and promote acquired scientific knowledge about the park to staff members, partners and visitors both inside and outside of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

In his current position, Hallac was responsible for helping implement some of South Florida’s most significant ecosystem restoration and fisheries and wildlife management projects.

Hallac’s experience includes more than a decade working with fish and wildlife conservation, invasive species management, restoration, water quality and regional watershed management planning for both Everglades and Dry Tortugas including helping to plan and implement Everglades restoration projects.

Hallac was also instrumental in helping the Everglades minimize impacts associated with recreational watercraft use, as well as leading the region’s challenging management of several exotic species including the Burmese python and more than a dozen species of fish. In the Tortugas, Hallac was responsible for implementing a five-year science plan to protect the park’s natural resources throughout a 46-square-mile marine reserve that encompasses more than half of the park. He was a recipient of the 2010 Department of the Interior Partners in Conservation award for his work with exotic species. Prior to his career with the National Park Service,
he worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

In other Yellowstone National Park personnel news, Dylan Hoffman will oversee energy sustainability and environmental efforts for concessionaire Xanterra. He comes from Pitkin County in Colorado, where he oversaw energy conservation for the county.


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