Beach Fire

See the Yellowstone Beach Fire in Action From Mount Washburn

There are two images on this page. The one at the left came from an up-to-the-minute shot from the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout Cam, currently trained on the Beach Fire. As you can see, it’s kicking up a lot of smoke as it spreads. At this time it’s overcast, but there’s no apparent storms moving through the area that could dampen the fire somewhat.

A press release from the National Park Service issued after our report  confirms what our reporter on the ground said: the fire didn’t grow much overnight, but conditions were favorable for an expansion of the fire today. Take a look at the image below. It’s a time-lapse compilation of images takes from the Mouth Washburn Fire Looout Cam, set for five minutes or so around noon today. You can see the small clouds moving through the area, as well as the far-off smoke from the Beach Fire.

The current weather report calls for no precipitation in the Park until tomorrow night, when there’s a slight chance of rain, with a greater chance of thunderstorms forecast for Wednesday evening. This isn’t good news for the fire fighters working to keep the Beach Fire away from roads and tourists facilities. Currently there are no services or roads shut down because of the fire. The current strategy is to guide the fire toward burned-out areas torched last fall by the Arnica Fire. (Thanks to Michael O’Shea for pointing us toward the Webcam time-lapse file.)

Beach Fire

The original file resides here. We assume any updates will be posted here as well.

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