Keeping a kid occupied in Yellowstone National Park is a breeze. Here's our list of the top five all-time greatest things for kids to do in Yellowstone.

Must-do items for the younger set


1. Walk around the Upper Geyser Basin. Make a point of stopping at Castle Geyser, one of the most spectacular in the Park.


2. See the bison. The Lamar and Hayden valleys are both good spots to see them, though they can be found pretty much anywhere in the Park. Don’t make the mistake these kids are making by walking too close to a grazing bison.


3. Visit the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.


4. Admire the Old Faithful Inn (both outside and inside). The above shot shows the Inn from the front; on the top of the porch is a seating area where you can watch Old Faithful Geyser.

5. Visit the Norris Geyser Basin. You’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of geothermal activities in a relatively small amount of land.

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