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Yellowstone Visitation Up From 2013

Yellowstone visitation is up thus far in 2014.

In the past five months, Yellowstone National Park saw a total of 415,185 visitors foray into the park, up from 392,222 in the same period in 2013. In particular, there was a considerable uptick in January, April and May as visitors streamed through the Park’s five entrances. The only dip in visitation occurred in February, as visitation dropped by 9.08%

The table below, from a YPS press release, shows the exact figures for Yellowstone visitation:


Recreational Visits 2014 Recreational Visits 2013 Change
January 26,778 24,699 +8.42%
February 28,233 31,053 -9.08%
March 18,778 18,613 +0.89%
April 31,356 24,606 +27.43%
May 310,039 293,250 +5.73%
Total 415,185 392,222 +5.85%

These statistics were collected by tallying the number of vehicles and subsequently multiplying it with a person-per-vehicle ratio.

These numbers promise even higher visitation statistics, as we move closer into Yellowstone’s peak season.

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