General rules and tips for kids in Yellowstone

1. Don’t swim in the thermal features. People die in them.

2. Walk on the boardwalks. The signs warning you to stay on them are there for a reason.

3. Mud pots don’t work like mud baths. No matter how alluring you find them.

4. Don’t complain about the egg smell because you’re stuck with it the whole trip. Don’t worry — you’ll get used to it.

5. Bison are not afraid to defend themselves, so don’t give them reason to. They’re not afraid of cars; they certainly won’t be afraid of you.

6. Trash goes in trash cans, not the side of the road.

7. Yellowstone is not “owned” by humans. Think of it this way: Yellowstone is the animals’ home, and you are merely the guest.

8. You won’t find any bears like Yogi Bear in Yellowstone.

9. Don’t randomly walk around in the woods. Every year there are rescue operations for people who underestimate how easy it is to get lost in Yellowstone.

10. Finally, enjoy yourselves during your stay in Yellowstone National Park.

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