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Yellowstone History: The Yellowstone Lake Islands


Most of the Yellowstone Lake islands aren’t broadly noteworthy in Yellowstone National Park’s history, with the exception of Dot Island.

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Yellowstone Books: Windows Into The Earth


“Windows into the earth” sounds like a phrase a poet would use, not a geologist or a journalist.

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Yellowstone Natural History: Pronghorns

pronghorn bucks lamar valley

Among Yellowstone land mammals, pronghorns are among the most unique, rivaling even bison.

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One-Day Trip: Jackson

teton range blacktail

Jackson, WY is a world apart from Yellowstone National Park. A world apart even from Grand Teton National Park, though not too far as to be unrecognizable.

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Yellowstone Visitor Dismayed At Lack of Bears Seen On Their Trip

Black Bear

At least one visitor walked away from their Yellowstone National Park trip unsatisfied it seems.

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Fire Burning on Yellowstone Lake’s Promontory Peninsula

South Arm Campground Turret Mountain

A lightning strike has set off a fire on Promontory Peninsula between the south and southeast arms of Yellowstone Lake.

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How Christmas in August Became An Annual Yellowstone Tradition

Christmas in August

Christmas in August has been a longstanding tradition in Yellowstone National Park, but its origins are nebulous.

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Yellowstone Books: Yellowstone and the Great West


Although it was not the first expedition through the region, the 1871 Hayden Geological Survey really did help Yellowstone become a national park.

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Yellowstone History: Sapphire Pool

Sapphire Pool, Biscuit Basin;JP Clum Lantern slide;Around 1910

Before the 1959 Hebgen Lake Earthquake, Sapphire Pool was a placid and majestic feature.

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Two Climbers Die From Teewinot Mountain Fall in Grand Teton National Park

cathedral group

Two climbers fell to their death Saturday, August 22 on Teewinot Mountain in Grand Teton National Park, while a hiker was injured in a separate incident.

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