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Dunraven Pass To Remain Open Until October 19


A surprise announcement: the Dunraven Pass in Yellowstone National Park will stay open for an extra week.

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Yellowstone Visitation Up Past 3.8 Million

Yellowstone National Park South Entrance

Yellowstone National Park saw the busiest September on record this year, making this the busiest year on record.

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Yellowstone History: Grotto Geyser


Grotto Geyser is, hands-down, one of the most unusual thermal features in Yellowstone National Park.

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Canyon Rim Overlooks and Trail Rehabilitation Plan Authorized


The National Park Service has approved Yellowstone National Park’s Canyon Rim Overlooks and Trail Rehabilitation Plan.

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Yellowstone Books: Last Stand

Yellowstone bison

These days, the name “George Bird Grinnell” generally doesn’t warrant more than a nod or an askance glance.

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Some More Yellowstone Waterfalls To Check Out

iris falls 1970

Yellowstone waterfalls overflow with remarkable qualities, appealing to fanatics and casual admirers alike.

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Giant Geyser Erupts After Over Five Years


Some surprising news out of Yellowstone National Park: Giant Geyser, one of its most powerful, erupted early this morning around 5:03 a.m. MST.

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National Park Service 2016 Centennial: A Brief Preview

old faithful 2013

Yellowstone National Park will be hosting a suite of events next summer, in honor of the National Park Service’s 2016 Centennial.

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Yellowstone Natural History: Western Meadowlarks


The song “Home on the Range” might encompass most people’s conception of Western life, but among its omissions, it’s notably lacking in western meadowlarks.

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Yellowstone Receives New Chief Ranger

NPS Photo_Pete-Webster_YellowstoneChiefRanger_2015

Yellowstone National Park has received a new chief ranger in the form of veteran ranger Pete Webster.

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