Concessions employee suffers serious burns at Old Faithful

Yellowstone National Park

A 19-year-old concessions employee suffered second- and third-degree burns to 5 percent of her body during an early-morning incident Thursday.

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Authorities ask for help in Gabby Petito case

Gabby Petito

With plenty of open questions about the whereabouts of Gabby Petito as she and her boyfriend planned a trip to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, authorities are asked for the public’s help.

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August 2021 Yellowstone visitation is another record

August 2021 Yellowstone visitation

The numbers are in: August 2021 Yellowstone visitation is another record month, as almost a million people visit America’s first national park.

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Yellowstone Labor Day vehicle entries up 21 percent

June 2021 Yellowstone visitation

Everyone was expecting a huge Yellowstone Labor Day weekend, and sure enough it happened, with the number of vehicles entering the park some 21 percent over 2019.

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Yellowstone, Grand Teton visitation records in the books

Midway Geyser crowd 2020

With both Yellowstone and Grand Teton visitation records in the books for July 2021, you can expect more calls for limitations on access to popular areas within the two national parks.

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Low water levels force Jackson Lake marina closures

Jackson Lake marina closures

Low water levels have forced early Jackson Lake marina closures, as drought conditions throughout the west impact Grand Teton National Park.

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CT woman sentenced for walking on Norris Geyser Basin thermal ground

Busy Boardwalk at Norris Geyser Basin.

Your latest entry on the Yellowstone National Park crime blotter: a Connecticut woman was sentenced to seven days in jail and $2,040 for walking on Norris Geyser Basin thermal ground.

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Yellowstone mask mandate returns

COVID-19 distancing at Snow Lodge gift show

A Grand Teton and Yellowstone mask mandate returns, as rising COVID-19 rates causes the National Park Service to require masks in crowded outdoor spaces and all indoor spaces.

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Yet another visitor cited for bad Yellowstone behavior

Yellowstone Bear Incident 2021

Yet another visitor was cited for bad Yellowstone behavior, as an Illinois woman has been charged in U.S. District Court for a variety of offenses related to purposely approaching bears well within the legal limits.

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Grand Teton sets June visitation record

With Yellowstone setting a June visitation record, it’s no surprise we also saw a Grand Teton June 2021 visitation record, with an estimated 752,114 recreation visits.

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