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NPS Weighs Peak Season Entry Fees to Yellowstone, Other Parks

Yellowstone National Park South Entrance, Yellowstone visitation

Yellowstone National Park may have to institute peak season entry fees, raising the entrance fee from $30 to $70 per vehicle during the summer.

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Yellowstone Bison Survey Raises Questions About Central Herd


In light of this year’s Yellowstone bison population survey, some are questioning the future of Yellowstone’s central herd, nominally untouched by slaughter efforts.

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Illinois Pair Forfeit Over $20K in Money Seized This Summer in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park South Entrance, Yellowstone visitation

Two Illinois men will forfeit over $20,000 seized after a Yellowstone ranger found marijuana in the pair’s car following a traffic stop.

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Yellowstone to Replace Arsenic Leaching Pipes near Mammoth Hot Springs

mammoth hot springs campground 2013

Yellowstone National Park will replace a sewer line that reportedly led to the Gardiner Sewer District filing a lawsuit over arsenic leaching.

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NPS Approves Plans for New Yellowstone Youth Campus


Yellowstone National Park has approved a new plan for the Yellowstone Youth Campus, following a period of public comment earlier this year.

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Yellowstone Officials Say Adding Antennae to Mount Washburn Fire Lookout Would Have Negative Impact

Mount Washburn Fire Lookout

Park officials have determined adding new communications towers to the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout would have a detrimental scenic impact.

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New Research Sheds Light on Yellowstone Caldera Mechanics

Yellowstone caldera

New research on fossilized ash left over from Yellowstone’s last caldera eruption has changed the timeline for possible activity going ahead.

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Four Bison Killed by Car in Grand Teton National Park


Four bison were killed in Grand Teton National Park after a car collided with them in early October.

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Biologists Make Recommendations for 2017-18 Yellowstone Bison Management


Officials want to curtail Yellowstone bison management in western parts of Montana and cap this year’s cull at 1,250 bison at the most.

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Yellowstone Bison Herd Measures Estimated 4,800 Animals

brucellosis quarantine

There are roughly 4,800 bison in the Yellowstone National Park herd, according to a survey conducted by park biologists this August.

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