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No growth in Lone Star Fire territory

A report from InciWeb shows no growth in the 960-acre Lone Star Fire territory as of this morning, with a cool front bringing in continued winds and light precipitation.

In fact, it’s raining in portions of Yellowstone right now, with more precipitation expected throughout the day. Which is good: There’s no other rain in the 10-day Yellowstone National Park forecast, save that small chance later in the week of a late-afternoon sprinkler that is so common this time of year.

So where does that leave in terms of containing or even shrinking the 960-acre Lone Star Fire territory? Crews will continue strengthening protections around key Old Faithful infrastructure and remove brush, as you can see in the top photo on this page. According to inciweb:

…crews finished the first phase of chipping at the water treatment plant and continued cutting timber around the cell tower. Work will continue on Sunday near an aboveground power line, substation, and park cabins. A park resource team finished an archeological survey in the Old Faithful developed area and will now focus on mapping sensitive riparian habitat and rare plants. This information will help the incident management team minimize impacts to these important natural resources.

You can view a larger version of the fire map here.

Additional closures include Lone Star Geyser Trail and:

  • The following trailheads are closed due to the Lone Star Fire: Lone Star, Howard Eaton, DeLacy Creek.
  • The following trails are closed due to the Lone Star Fire: Howard Eaton, Lone Star, Bechler River Trail north of campsite 9D4, North Shore Shoshone Lake Trail, DeLacy Creek Trail, Shoshone Lake Trail north of campsite 8T1 (no travel through the Shoshone Lake Geyser Basin), East Shore Shoshone Lake Trail (north of campsite 8S1).
  • The following campsites are closed due to the Lone Star Fire: OA1, OA2, OA3, 8G1, 8R1, 8R2, 8R3, 8R4, 8R5, 8S2, 8S3, 8S4, 8S5.

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