Wolves in Yellowstone: Current Topics

 Wolves Leave Endangered Species List  A current controversy involving wolves is their delisting as an endangered species in the reintroduction areas of Yellowstone and Central Idaho. The officially adopted recovery plan stipulated that when the reintroduction locations reached at least 10 wolf packs of at least 10 members, the wolf would be down-listed from endangered species and potentially regulated hunting of …

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How many wolves are enough / too many?

The "wolf wars" are back in federal court. This time it is a coalition of environmental and animal rights groups seeking to reverse the recent delisting of the gray wolf as an endangered species in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, and to halt state management of wolves. The argument over delisting wolves goes back years, but legal action waited until the delisting was implemented (rescinded, then re-instated...) and wolves were being killed as a result of delisting. This promises to be not just a war of words, but a legal battle of scientific data -- who's got the most persuasive science. 

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Officially: Wolves no longer endangered

[Thursday February 22, 2008] In a news announcement today (Thursday 2/21/08) the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has decided to remove the gray wolf in the Northern Rockies from the list of endangered species. The formal statement in the Federal Register will be issued within in a couple of weeks and will take effect 30 days after that. It was …

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