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Wolf battles heat up yet again; expect a summer of lawsuits



howling wolf

The announcement from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about the proposed delisting of greater Yellowstone Ecosystem wolves from the federal endangered species list is eliciting the usual reactions from both sides in the long-running dispute: the threat of lawsuits.

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Bison herd moved out of Yellowstone

By Sean Reichard A herd of 41 bison are being moved from Yellowstone National Park to the Wind River reservation in Fremont County, Wyoming. This is part of an effort to spare the bison from a government program that slaughters bison in an effort to prevent brucellosis from spreading to other animals. The bison are currently set to stay in …

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Paucity of East Entrance visits reopens debate on winter plan

Yellowstone National Park officials are openly concerned about the future of the East Entrance during the winter season after only 97 snowmobiles and no snowcoaches used that route to enter the Park. It costs the Park $325,000 annually to keep the East Entrance and the Sylvan Pass open. It’s not easy: Because there’s a constant danger of avalanches, a bazooka …

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Visitor numbers down last winter; recession, uncertainty to blame?

A bad economy and uncertainty about the legal status of the winter season probably drove down the number of visitors to Yellowstone National Park this past winter, as 86,793 visitors came to the Park between December 2008 and March 2009, down 13.2 percent from last year’s number of 99,975. In an economic recession as widespread as the one at hand, …

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Park visitors down slightly in 2008, up in October

You couldn’t tell from the throngs of people clogging the roads around Old Faithful this summer, but the number of visitors to Yellowstone National Park was slightly down through the end of September, according to figures from the National Park Service. At the end of October, the 2008 tally was 3.09 million, down a little more than 1 percent under …

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New management plan would allow more bison out in winter

A new management plan proposed by Montana and U.S. officials would allow more bison to roam past the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park this winter, as surrounding states work out a management plan for brucellosis. THe new plan combines a previous proposal to eventually allow up to 100 bison to head north of the Park via the Royal Teton Ranch …

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Welcome to the 2009 Yellowstone National Park season!

With the northwestern roads of Yellowstone National Park cleared of snow, we have the first time in the spring and summer season where the public can enter the Park — but they must be on a bike. The Yellowstone winter season is officially over, which means the snowmobiles and snow coaches are not allowed in the Park. Despite a surfeit …

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New bison management plan fails to impress

Interagency Bison Management Plan administrators are seeking public opinion on a proposed agreement for bison management that manages to underwhelm and fail to address the larger issues posed by wildlife management in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. The plan, which could be set up as early as this winter, would put down fencing in the Royal Teton Ranch, located directly north …

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Temporary winter plan would allow 318 snowmobiles in Park daily

After weeks of internal deliberations and an initial assertion that such a plan could not be legally crafted, the National Park Service has submitted for public review a Yellowstone National Park winter-use plan calling for 318 four-cycle guided snowmobiles and 78 snow coaches into the Park daily during the upcoming winter season. The temporary plan would be in effect for …

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