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Wolves officially delisted from endangered list; let the lawsuits begin

It’s official: the Obama Administration went ahead with a delisting of grey wolves from the Endangered Species list, removing protections for wolves in Idaho and Montana but retaining protections in Wyoming. The delisting, which was first proposed by the Bush Administration and then approved by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, would allow the hunting of wolves in every state …

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Wraith Falls trail closed for most of May

There’s not a lot of time to prepare for the crowds at Yellowstone National Park — a point made clear by the first trail closure of the nascent 2009 season, as construction work on a popular, short trail will temporarily curtail the opportunity to view an iconic Yellowstone waterfall. Park trail crews will work on the half-mile trail leading to …

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Want Yellowstone to yourself? Head out in springtime

Some argue the best time to visit Yellowstone National Park isn’t the height of summer when the weather is gorgeous and the crowds descend on the Park’s hot spots, but rather now: the early days of the season when visitors are scarce and the wildlife is out. You can tell we’re a little itchy to head out to Yellowstone, but …

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Another lawsuit filed challenging wolf delisting


Another legal salvo has been fired in the controversial wolf-management plan proposed earlier this year, as the Greater Yellowstone Coalition filed its own lawsuit opposing the removal of the wolf from the Endangered Species list.

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Visitor numbers up 20 percent in May: NPS

Yellowstone National Park

For those worried about a slow season ahead in Yellowstone National Park, the May numbers should alleviate some concerns, as the National Park Service announces visitor numbers for May 2009 were up sharply over a year ago.

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Yellowstone receives $14.7 million in stimulus funds for infrastructure improvements

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

Mammoth Hot Springs HotelA windfall of $14.735 million in federal stimulus funds will allow Yellowstone National Park to fund a variety of projects both big and small within the Park.

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Some Yellowstone National Park roads to open Friday

Parts of the road system at Yellowstone National Park are slated to open this Friday, as cars and RVs will be able to drive between North and West Entrances to Norris, Madison, Canyon and Old Faithful will be accessible after 8 a.m.

In addition, the National Park Service announced road openings for the rest of the season. 

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New wireless plan announced for Yellowstone

Civilization will encroach on Yellowstone a little more this summer with a limited expansion of the wireless system within the Park and the installation of WiFi networking in most, but not all the hotels within.

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Could the grizzly end up on endangered list again?

Last year was a rough one for the Yellowstone grizzly-bear population: in 2008 71 grizzlies were killed out of a total population of 600. That's more than one-tenth of the estimated Yellowstone National Park grizzly population.

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Is train service to Yellowstone in the cards?

Gardiner Train Station

Download a current Amtrak service map and you’ll see a huge hole in the middle of the West: Wyoming, one of the few states in the Union lacking rail service. That wasn’t always true.

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