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New Yellowstone Cell Phone Tower Approved

Fishing Bridge Postcard from Yellowstone

A new Yellowstone cell phone tower for the Fishing Bridge and Lake Village areas has been approved by the National Park Service.

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Gardiner Gateway Project Set to Launch

Gardiner Gateway project

Work on the Gardiner Gateway Project — a $12-million revamp of the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park — will begin this summer after project organizers snared a $10.3 million grant from the Federal Lands Access Program.

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Construction Update: Road Patching at Nine-Mile

Yellowstone National Park South Entrance, Yellowstone visitation

New construction has begun on a section of the East Entrance road located near Lake Butte at the northern edge of Yellowstone Lake known as “Nine-Mile.”

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Two Die in Separate Yellowstone Accidents

A hiker and a fisherman passed away this week after two separate Yellowstone accidents.

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Wolf Hunting Plan Approved; Yellowstone Wolves to Be Impacted


Montana FWP commissioners yesterday passed a plan to expand wolf hunting and made some modest concessions on protecting Yellowstone wolves.

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Yellowstone Bison Goring Victim: Don’t Repeat My Mistakes


A year later, the victim of a Yellowstone bison goring is warning visitors to the Park to heed the guidelines on keeping an appropriate distance from Park wildlife.

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Yellowstone Visitation Already Over 1M for 2013

South Entrance Opening 2013

We knew it would be a busy summer when crowds descended on the Park in the middle of May, but that’s not necessarily borne out by the Yellowstone visitation numbers as reported by officials.

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Yellowstone Black Bear Put Down

Black Bear

A Yellowstone black bear acclimated to human food was put down at Canyon Campground on Saturday night.

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Yellowstone Chapel Marks 100-Year Anniversary

The last building to be erected in old Fort Yellowstone, the ecumenical Yellowstone Chapel in Mammoth Hot Springs is 100 years old today.

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Study Questions Whether Yellowstone Grizzlies Are On Rebound

Yellowstone Grizzly

A study argues the number of Yellowstone grizzlies could be in decline and far from the robust status needed to remove the bears from endangered status.

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