Winter 2008 Elk Population Reported

[Tuesday, February 26, 2008]  As reported by the Yellowstone Cooperative Wildlife Working Group (an interagency team of resource managers and biologists), the elk population of Yellowstone’s Northern Range was counted February 14 under good conditions. A total of 6,279 elk were seen. Here is a comparison with other most recent years: 2005: 9,545; 2006: 6,588; and 2007: 6,738. The highest …

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Handicap Accessibility

Despite the rustic nature of Yellowstone National Park, accessibility  has been stressed by the National Park Service in recent years, and virtually every major facility in the park is accessible. Here we list specific handicapped-accessible areas of the park. Bridge Bay -Stores; Yellowstone General Store at the Marina is accessible from the boat ramp area -Restrooms; campground (loop A) and …

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