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Bridge Bay Campground Closes for the 2017 Summer Season

Services around Yellowstone National Park have started to close for the season, including Bridge Bay Campground.

With the end of August, Yellowstone starts preparing for the winter season, which starts December 15, 2017.

In addition to Bridge Bay Campground, the following facilities are closed as of today:

Bridge Bay

• Dock Rental.
• Marina Store.
• Guide Boats/Outboards.
• Boat Tours.
• Scenic Crusier.

Canyon Village

• Repair Service.
• Trail Rides.

Fishing Bridge

• Wrecker & Repair Service.

Old Faithful

• Upper Service Station.
• Repair Service.


• Tower Junction Service Station.
• Roosevelt Lodge & Cabins.
• Horse Rides/Stagecoach Service.
• Roosevelt Store.
• Old West Cook-Out.


• Indian Creek

Closures are slated to happen between now and early November on a rolling basis. Save the date: September 17 is the next major day!

You can see the complete list of opening and closing dates for Yellowstone National Park here.

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