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2016 Yellowstone National Park Opening and Closing Dates

Here are the 2016 Yellowstone National Park opening and closing dates you’ll need to plan your next visit. These dates are current as of Oct. 16, 2016.

All Yellowstone Roads

Bridge Bay

  • Campground: Closed.
  • Dock Rental: Closed.
  • Marina Store: Closed.
  • Guide Boats/Outboards: Closed.
  • Boat Tours: Closed.
  • Scenic Cruiser: Closed.

Canyon Village

  • Yellowstone Adventure Store: Open, closes Nov. 5.
  • Service Station (credit card service at all pumps): Open, closes Oct. 23.
  • Wrecker Service: Closed.
  • Canyon General Store: Closed.
  • Repair Service: Closed.
  • Canyon Visitor Education Center: Open.
  • Canyon Campground: Closed.
  • Canyon Lodges/Cabins/Dining Room: Closed.
  • Canyon Gift Shop: Closed.
  • Cafeteria: Closed.
  • Trail Rides: Closed.

Yellowstone National Park vintage postcard

Fishing Bridge

  • Fishing Bridge RV Park: Closed.
  • General Store: Closed.
  • Service Station (credit card service at all pumps): Closed.
  • Wrecker & Repair Service: Closed.
  • Fishing Bridge Visitor Center: Open.

Grant Village

  • Mini Store: Closed.
  • Lodging and Restaurant: Closed.
  • Lake House Restaurant: Closed.
  • Wrecker/Repair Service: Closed.
  • Service Station: Open, Closed.
  • Grant Village Visitor Center: Open.
  • Grant General Store: Closed.
  • Grant Campground: Closed.

Lake Village

  • Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins: Closed.
  • Lake Dining Room & Deli: Closed.
  • Lake Hotel Cabins: Closed.
  • Lake Clinic: Open, Closed.
  • Lake General Store: Closed.
  • Lake Lodge & Cabins: Closed.
  • Lake Lodge Cafeteria: Closed.

Madison Information Station

  • Open.

Yellowstone National Park vintage postcard Morning Glory

Madison Warming Hut (Winter Only)

  • Closed.

Mammoth Hot Springs

  • Albright Visitor Center: Open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.
  • Mammoth General Store: Open all year, but might be closed on Sundays and some holidays.
  • Mammoth Clinic: Open weekdays in winter.
  • Terrace Grill Fast Food: Closed.
  • Mammoth Gift Shop: Closed.
  • Mammoth Hotel/Cabins/Dining Room: Closed.
  • Service Station: Open year-round.
  • Mammoth Campground: Open year-round.

Mammoth Warming Hut (Winter Only)

  • Closed.

Museum of the National Park Ranger

  • Open.

Norris Geyser Basin Museum & Information Station

  • Open.

Old Faithful

  • Old Faithful Visitor Center: Open.
  • Snow Lodge Geyser Grill Fast Food/Bear Den Gift Shop: Open, closes Nov. 6.
  • Old Faithful Snow Lodge Rooms, Cabins and Restaurant: Closed.
  • Service Station (lower): Closed.
  • Old Faithful Upper General Store: Closed.
  • Wrecker Service: Closed.
  • Old Faithful Inn: Closed.
  • Old Faithful Lodge: Closed.
  • Old Faithful Lodge Cafeteria: Closed.
  • Old Faithful Lodge Gift Shop, Bake Shop: Closed.
  • Old Faithful Clinic: Closed.
  • Service Station (upper): Closed.
  • Old Faithful Lower Store (basin): Closed.
  • Repair Service: Closed.


  • Tower Fall General Store: Closed.
  • Tower Junction Service Station: Closed, but open year-round for credit-card service.
  • Roosevelt Lodge/Cabins: Closed.
  • Horse Rides/Stagecoach: Closed,
  • Roosevelt Store: Closed.
  • Cook-Out: Closed.

West Thumb Information Center

  • Open.

Concession Campgrounds

  • Bridge Bay: Closed.
  • Canyon: Closed.
  • Grant Village: Closed.
  • Madison: Closed.
  • Fishing Bridge RV Park: Closed.

Camping in Yellowstone National Park

Park Service Campgrounds

  • Indian Creek: Closed.
  • Lewis Lake: Open, closes Nov. 6.
  • Mammoth: Open all year.
  • Norris: Closed.
  • Pebble Creek: Closed.
  • Slough Creek: Closed.
  • Tower Fall: Closed.