Bighorn Pass Trail bridge

Replacement Bighorn Pass Trail Bridge Open to Public

The Bighorn Pass Trail bridge over the Gallatin River is open again to visitor traffic.

According to a Yellowstone press release, the bridge reopened October 2016 but was not announced until this week.

Crews removed portions of the bridge in 2014 after it sustained damages, making unsafe conditions for hikers and skiers.

We previously reported that the National Park Service had sought public comment on what to do with the bridge site. The original draft outlined four options for the Bighorn Pass Trail bridge:

1. Scrapping the bridge and converting the crossing into a river ford.
2. Building a new trail down to the Fawn Pass Trail bridge.
3. Replacing the current Bighorn Pass Trail bridge.
4. Replacing the current Bighorn Pass Trail and creating a new path between Bighorn Pass and Fawn Pass.

Based on public comment, officials decided to replace the bridge entirely.

The bridge, roughly half-a-mile from the Bighorn Pass Trailhead near U.S. 191, is a popular route with visitors.

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