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Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel To Remain Closed In 2017

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel will remain closed for the entirety of 2017.

According to Yellowstone National Park Lodges, renovations were initially slated to be done before May 2017. However, crews told Mammoth reps they will need to work throughout the summer season.

As such, the main Mammoth building, hotel public spaces, and gift shop will not be open to the public. Visitors will still be able to access the cabins, dining room and Terrace Grill.

We previously reported Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel would be closed for the next two winter seasons. Among the renovation projects: exterior work, interior renovations, and refurbishing the wooden map in the Map Room. You can see a sample of the renovation work here.

If you have existing reservations with the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel for the summer 2017 season, you may relocate to another hotel/lodge in Yellowstone National Park. If interested, please call 307-344-7311. The Park is also offering 20% discount off the rack rate of your alternate room.

If you don’t wish to change lodges, or there is no space available, Yellowstone National Park Lodges will refund your room payment.

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