Dunraven Pass
September 12, 2016

Snow Closes Dunraven and Beartooth Passes, Delays Reopening of Mammoth–Norris Road

Snow has closed the Dunraven and Beartooth Passes and delayed the reopening of the Mammoth-Norris road in Yellowstone National Park.

According to the Montana Department of Transportation, as of 8:15 a.m. MST, the Beartooth Pass is closed in parts of both Wyoming and Montana, between Vista Point and Long Lake. Visitors coming from Red Lodge, Montana can make it to Vista Point before having to turn around. The DOT reports high winds and drifting.

Yesterday, we reported the Dunraven Pass had reopened after being closed by snow.

We also reported the road between Mammoth and Norris would be reopened after the completion of a construction project. That reopening has been delayed indefinitely.

It is not known when the Beartooth and Dunraven Passes will reopen. It is possible both passes will be closed; they were initially slated to close October 11, when that side of Yellowstone generally settles into winter.

UPDATE: The Dunraven Pass has reopened, while the Beartooth Pass and Mammoth–Norris Road remain closed at this time. Read the full story here.

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