Maple Fire September 10, 2016

Jasper Fire Out In Yellowstone National Park

Jasper Fire is officially out and no other fires in Yellowstone National Park have reported growth from yesterday.

Following several days of rain and clouds, fire activity continues to die down in the Park. According to a Yellowstone press release, grasses and shrubs are too wet to carry flame. Larger fuels, such as logs left behind by the 1988 fire, continue to smolder.

The current forecast calls for warmer, drier weather in Yellowstone over the weekend, which is expected to spur ignitions within fire perimeters. Although fire restrictions have been lifted around Yellowstone, fire danger remains high.

Air quality around the Park is still good. See the full report here.

Today, according to a Yellowstone press release, crews continue to work on the Maple Fire, removing flagging and equipment from their burn area. They also worked clearing dead/downed trees from area trails.

Crews continue to work on Buffalo Fire as well. A reminder: The Slough Creek road has reopened for the first half-mile, permitting access to the gravel pit. You can see the east part of Buffalo from the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout – Northeast Webcam.

Fawn and Central fires remain unstaffed and will be monitored from the air. You can see Central Fire from the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout – South Webcam.

With the exception of the Mammoth-Norris road and any facilities affected by seasonal closures, all Yellowstone roads and visitor facilities, both NPS- and concessionaire-operated, are open at this time.

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