Yellowstone Fall Photo Festival Happening September 24

Presenters are being sought for the 13th annual Yellowstone Fall Photo Festival.

Organized around showcasing outstanding photos of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and all its inhabitants, the event seeks to bring Yellowstone’s marvels to both the public and other photographers.

The Yellowstone Fall Photo Festival will happen Thursday, September 24 at 7 p.m. in the West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center. Both the National Park Service and the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center will be sponsoring the event. There are no prizes associated with the Yellowstone Fall Photo Festival.

The event will be a little unorthodox, compared to conventional gallery showcases. There will be no prints framed or hung on the walls. Rather, interested photographers will submit a flash drive or disc of images—either in a PowerPoint presentation or a folder of JPEGs readable by Microsoft Photo Editor. Each photographer will be limited to 25 photos; further, photographers will showcase their photos as part of a five-minute presentation.

Interested photographers should register by 5 p.m. Wednesday, September 23. If you are interested in presenting at the Yellowstone Fall Photo Festival, call Rich Jehle at 307-344-2840 or 307-344-2754. In addition, you can email him at

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