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Public Comment Sought on Old Faithful Sewer Line Replacement

Replacement of an Old Faithful sewer line is up for public comment.

The sewer system—a force main line, built in 1940 alongside the rest of the system—has failed before, prompting the initiative to replace it. The line in question serves most of the Old Faithful Inn, General Store and the Lower Gas Station.

Under the proposal, crews would abandon the old, failing pipe and reroute the line into a new system. The failing section is 1,000 feet long. The new line would measure 1,050 feet. Work would begin in late September 2014, a few weeks before Old Faithful—along with most of Yellowstone National Park—would start closing for the season.

The replacement of the Old Faithful sewer line technically falls under the National Park Service Director’s Order 12 Categorical Exclusion, which approves replacement improvements of Park infrastructure and facilities that do not significantly alter their location, appearance and/or capacity. This CE is in accordance with both the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Historic Preservation Act. In addition, CEs may be issued freely for projects.

Public comment, in this instance, is sought for both guidance and discussion. The public is free to share their comments and concerns regarding the Old Faithful sewer line replacement, which will be taken into account for future Old Faithful infrastructure replacement.

Comments may either be made online at the Park Planning website or delivered to the Administration Building in Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming. Below is the mailing address:

Compliance Office

P.O. Box 168

Yellowstone National Park, WY, 82190

Comments will not be accepted via fax or email. They may not be submitted in bulk. In order to be considered, the National Park Service must receive all comments by midnight MDT, September 4, 2014.

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