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Yellowstone Association Institute Offers Adventures Aplenty

Yellowstone National Park is emblematic of many things for many people.

To some, it is a pioneering example of federal preservation. For others, Yellowstone is a cherished reliquary of memory, of childhood road trips and natural visitation. Some see the Park as a knot of every visual wonder the American West offers, from towering mountains to fantastic geyser plains, all girded by one thin road. Yet, whatever you think of Yellowstone National Park, no one can deny that it is something.

The Yellowstone Association Institute believes the Park really is something too: something to be explored and experienced by the youth of the U.S.A. That is why, besides offering opportunities for day hiking, backpacking, and thematic tours, the YAI offers youth classes.

“My Yellowstone Adventure” is a five-day program geared toward middle/high school students, intent on instilling students with an appreciation and understanding of Yellowstone National Park. The curriculum touches upon Yellowstone’s cultural, geological and natural history.

Conducted on site, at the Yellowstone Overlook Field Campus in Gardiner, MT, “My Yellowstone Adventure” places students under the expert guidance of trained naturalists, bringing kids through a suite of Yellowstone’s attractions. Kids visit canyons, waterfalls, valleys and visitor sites within the Park, conducting activities as various as painting, hiking and wildlife tracking.

The program is group oriented, with tuition and lodging rates dependent on the group size. All rates include transportation to and from Bozeman, MT as well as in the Park. The rates are listed below:

Summer 2014 Rates

Group Size Tuition Lodging Total
1-14 people $3,710 $1,600-2,400 $5,310-6,110
15-28 people $7,420 $2,400-4,000 $9,820-11,420

The Yellowstone Association has been servicing the Park as a nonprofit since 1933. The Yellowstone Association Institute was founded in 1976.

For anyone interested in reserving spots in the summer program, they can call the YAI at 1-406-848-2400. Anyone who wishes to inquire about what else the Yellowstone Association offers, for children and adults alike, can click here.

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