North Entrance Changes

New Yellowstone North Entrance Plan Provides Intriguing Options for Entry

The National Park Service is presenting a few different options for an expansion and reconfiguration of the North Entrance, as presented here. The preferred alternative would phase in a series of changes. A new entrance station complex would be built to speed up visitor entry to the park. Visitors would have the option of entering Yellowstone through the historic Roosevelt Arch, or traveling over a new access road to bypass congestion in the area.

One option extends Second Street south and bypasses Park Street to provide direct access to Yellowstone entry. At the same time, expanded parking, new pedestrian walkways and improved traffic circulation would make it easier for visitors to access businesses along Park Street. The administrative road in front of the Gardiner Transportation Center would be moved to separate traffic from delivery vehicles and employee parking.

Providing a bypass to the Roosevelt Arch is a simple, yet ingenious idea to relieve congestion in the area. For many, entering the Park via the historic arch is a rite of passage, and we’d hate to see car traffic cut off. By providing more parking and walkways, it will be far easier to take a picture of the Arch with your loved ones and not worry about being winged by someone in a hurry to hit Happy Hour at Mammoth Hot Springs.

The EA contains several illustrations, mapping potential impacts of the three evaluated alternatives. The illustration at the top of the page is from one of these alternatives.

The Park will hold an open house on the EA on August 1, 2011, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Yellowstone Association Headquarters, 308 Park Street, in Gardiner, Montana.


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