Antelope Fire

Antelope Fire Expands to 1,600 Acres

The fire, which was started by a lightning strike in an area of sage and grass on the northeast slope of Mount Washburn (between Antelope Creek and the Yellowstone River), had a very active day Sunday. Around 11 a.m., the fire more moved north across the containment line. Additional firefighting resources were called to stop the fire’s northwest spread. It was halted one quarter mile from a section of the Grand Loop Road, south of Tower Fall. The road from Tower Fall to Canyon was temporarily closed several times Sunday afternoon for firefighting efforts, and was closed at 8:00 p.m. for the night due to visitor and firefighter safety concerns. It was

The Tower General Sore and Tower Fall Campground were put on standby for evacuation late in the afternoon. Retardant drops from an air tanker and bucket drops of water from two helicopters aided work on the fireline by firefighters to put in control line and hose lays on the north flank of the fire. Sunday evening the fire was estimated at approximately 1,200 acres. That estimate was raised Monday to 1,600 acres, and road from Canyon to Chittenden Road reopened to visitors. The road between Chittenden Road and Tower Fall will remain temporarily closed to visitors until further notice.

There’s very little chance of rain in the next several days, and there’s the chance of windy conditions today.

Monday’s Strategies:

  • Firefighters will continue to reinforce the new control line on the north flank of the fire, again supported by helicopters and air tankers.
  • Firefighters will be using chain saws along the west flank of the fire near Antelope Creek to hinder fire growth to the west across the creek.
  • Structure firefighters and engines will remain at the Tower Fall area as a precautionary measure.Two air tankers, one Type 2 helicopter, one Type 3 helicopter, eleven fire engines, several West Yellowstone Smokejumpers, two squads of firefighters from Yellowstone National Park, and one 20-person firefighting hand crew are among 80 people assigned to the fire.

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