Jim Cole

Final Cole Interview to Air Tonight on YPR

The interview with George Cole (no relation) will air at 6:30 p.m. For those not in a Yellowstone Public Radio broadcast area, the interview will be streamed at ypradio.org. It’s worth a listen: George Cole is one of the better interviewers on public radio, and we’re guessing the late Cole will have a passel of colorful stories.

Cole was a Renaissance man in the best sense of the word: outdoorsman, musician, writer and photographer. He was a regular presence in Bozeman, Montana, where he made his home for the last 12 years; it was his base for regular forays to Yellowstone National Park.

It was in Yellowstone where he suffered a second bear mauling in 2007, one that left him disfigured. He was hiking in the backcountry when he accidentally stepped on a mother grizzly with a cub nearby. The attack was so quick that he was unable to use the pepper spray attached to his belt; the griz tore out his left eye and badly disfigured his face. Months of reconstructive surgery was the result.

As was a book: “Blindsided: Surviving a Grizzly Attack and Still Loving the Great Bear” (St. Martin’s Press; $25.99). The book just came out and Cole was in the process of promoting it in the area.

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Photo by Bob Strand, courtesy of Macmillan.

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