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Yellowstone Wolf Population Remains Steady in 2018

The Yellowstone wolf population remained steady in 2018, according to a report issued by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as part of its management of the state wolf population.

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Nathan Varley Reflects on Yellowstone Upbringing

It took becoming an adult and moving away to make a Yellowstone native appreciate growing up in the world’s first national park.

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Yellowstone Officials Still Seeking Info on White Wolf Shooter

Yellowstone wolf, white wolf

Officials are still seeking information on the shooting death of a Yellowstone white wolf earlier this year.

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Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy Project A Boon For Wolfwatchers

Yellowstone wolves

Looking to learn more about Yellowstone wolves? The Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy Family Tree project is here to help.

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Biologists Say Wolves Improve Yellowstone Ecosystem

Yellowstone biologists say wolves have improved Yellowstone’s ecosystem since reintroduction in 1995.

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Yellowstone Wolves: Bad for Elk, Good for Bears

Yellowstone Grizzly

While it’s far from clear Yellowstone wolves have impacted the regional elk population, one thing is clear: the decline in elk is good news for bears fattening up on berries.

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Wolf Hunting Plan Approved; Yellowstone Wolves to Be Impacted


Montana FWP commissioners yesterday passed a plan to expand wolf hunting and made some modest concessions on protecting Yellowstone wolves.

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