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New Theory: Yellowstone Supervolcano Created by Friction, Not Magma

A new theory of the Yellowstone supervolcano argues that shifting tectonic plates on the move 16 million years ago and not an extended magma flume created the original volcanic eruptions.

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Yellowstone Volcanic System Larger, More Stable Than Originally Thought

Yellowstone National Park

The end of the worlders say a Yellowstone eruption is imminent as the government quietly evacuates cities in the area, but the experts say the Yellowstone volcanic system is indeed larger than previously assumed, but also a lot more stable.

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No, a Yellowstone Volcano Eruption is Not Imminent

Yellowstone National Park South Entrance, Yellowstone visitation

Some faulty readings from a seismometer tracking activity in the Yellowstone National Park area has some folks predicting an impending Yellowstone volcano eruption, but U.S. Geological Survey officials say the data is bad.

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