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Governor Bullock Halts Bison Slaughter Temporarily

bison, stephens creek, Yellowstone bison

Montana Governor Steve Bullock has temporarily suspended the slaughter of Yellowstone National Park bison.

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New Mining Claims Temporarily Banned North of Yellowstone National Park

The Obama administration is expected to announce a temporary ban on new mining claims on U.S. Forest Service land near Yellowstone National Park.

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Coalition of Wildlife Groups To Sue USFWS, Interior Over Yellowstone Bison

bison, national mammal

A coalition of wildlife advocacy groups intends to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Department of the Interior over bison in Yellowstone.

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Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk: “Progress Is Being Made On Behalf of the Bison”

bison, yellowstone national park

Bison slaughter is expected to continue for the next few winters according to Yellowstone National Park superintendent Dan Wenk.

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Yellowstone Proposes Culling 1000 Bison

Yellowstone National Park officials have proposed culling around 1,000 bison this winter—mostly calves and females—to curb migration into Montana.

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Yellowstone Bison Population Could Be Culled by 900 This Winter

Yellowstone National Park bison

The Yellowstone National Park bison population could be culled by a fifth this winter, resulting in upwards of 900 head taken down if they wander outside Park boundaries.

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States Pay to Reopen National Parks; Unlikely Course for Yellowstone

Yellowstone Shutdown

Several states, including Utah, are paying the federal government to reopen National Parks closed by the federal shutdown, but there appears to be little appetite for opening Yellowstone National Park for the rest of the season.

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