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Study: Drought, Not Wolves, Impact Yellowstone Elk Reproductive Rates

With the Yellowstone elk population declining in recent years, a study from Wyoming-based researchers indicates that drought, and not the presence of wolves, is to blame for declining reproductive rates.

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Yellowstone Isa Lake Bridge Reconstruction Approved

Isa Lake Bridge

A plan to rebuild a small bridge across Isa Lake at Craig Pass — on the Continental Divide — has been approved after an environmental review.

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Yellowstone National Park Visitation Strong in 2013

Old Faithful Inn

Yellowstone National Park visitation for 2013, thus far, is higher than measured park visitation in 2012.

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Dunraven Pass, Beartooth Highway Opening Friday UPDATED!

Beartooth Pass Plowing

The scheduled Dunraven Pass and Beartooth Highway openings hit snags this morning, with bad weather indefinitely delaying the opening of the Beartooth Highway.

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Yellowstone South Entrance Opens for 2013 Season

South Entrance Opening 2013

The Yellowstone South Entrance is now open for the 2013 season, allowing visitors to navigate between Grand Teton National Park and Jackson, Wy., to Grant Village, West Thumb Junction and on to Fishing Bridge and across Craig Pass to Old Faithful.

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Yellowstone East Entrance Open; Progress on Plowing to South Entrance

Yellowstone East Entrance Opening, May 3, 2013

Another milestone day in Yellowstone National Park access: the Yellowstone East Entrance is open, while road crews have made significant progress in clearing the road between the South Entrance and Old Faithful.

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Yellowstone National Park opens for “summer”

Yellowstone snow plowing, 2013

Though there’s still plenty of snow on the ground, Yellowstone National Park is open for business today, with the West and North Entrances providing access to the Old Faithful area.

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Yellowstone Park Foundation Announces $600,000 in 2013 Grants

Bechler River

Continuing its strong tradition of fundraising for Yellowstone National Park, the Yellowstone Park Foundation announced $600,000 in grants for Spring 2013.

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