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Trace Levels of Arsenic Found In Old Faithful’s Drinking Water Supply

Old Faithful Inn

The drinking water supply at Old Faithful is tainted with trace levels of arsenic, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Yellowstone Unveils “A Bear Doesn’t Care” Safety Campaign

Yellowstone grizzlies

Yellowstone National Park has unveiled a new awareness campaign for park visitors of all stripes: “A Bear Doesn’t Care.”

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Woman In Bison Video Under Investigation By Law Enforcement

Yellowstone bison

I’m sure you’ve heard this by now: late last week, a visitor in Yellowstone National Park had a brush with danger trying to pet a bison.

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Bears Emerging From Dens in Yellowstone

Yellowstone bear

Blame it on the groundhog perhaps, but bears have begun to emerge from their dens in Yellowstone National Park.

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Bear Activity at Yellowstone

Hiking in Yellowstone National Park is never just a matter of throwing on a pair of comfortable boots and heading down the trail; it takes some careful planning and taking various conditions into account.

One big condition is the presence of bears in an area. Broadly speaking, the National Park Service wants to keep hikers away from areas where bears are likely to be or known to be active, especially in the spring. These restrictions aren't widely known -- they're posted on the NPS website (where these descriptions come from) and at the trailheads, but not prominently at visitor centers -- but they're very important for any Yellowstone visitor.

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